Free Vimshottari Dasha Life Report

As per astrology, success and failure of human being is totally depend on the Mahadasha, Mahadasha is very essential to predict natal chat, horoscope. Mahadasha has power to bring yogas or dosha in human being life, along with change the planet position of the people’s.  If you are facing problems in your life like business, career, marriage, issues it means that mahadasha is affecting your life, so you need to take make consult with an astrologer.  They have highly knowledge of whole cosmos, along with great command on astrological fields, therefore they are able to resolve issues, whatever you are facing,   they will suggest you appropriate remedies to eliminate effect of mahadasha.

Vimshottari Dasha is famous in Vedic astrology, Vimshottari Dasha is stand for number of years of the human being life, this have total 120 years, which is based on the time period of all planets likes.

Ketu 7,

Venus 20,

Sun 6,

Moon 10,

Mars 7,

Rahu 18,

Jupiter 16,

Saturn 19,

 Mercury 17.

Each planets has Nakshatra, Vimshottari Dasha is based on Moon planet, for each Dasha period, there is anther dasha, which is called Bukhti, All Mahadasha start with its own Bukhti like :-

Venus Bukhti = 1218 day’s

Ketu Bukhti = 426 day’s

Budha Bukhti =1035 day’s

Sun Bukhti = 365 day’s

Moon Bukhti = 609 day’s

Rahu Bukhti = 1096 day’s

Guru Bukhti = 974 day’s

Sani Bukhti = 1157 days.

The birth chart of individual indicate many prediction because planets position bring many ups, downs and event in native life, therefore astrologer predict future and upcoming event of people life from the study of planets along with dasha.