Love Marriage Astrology

Love marriage is major issues in Indian culture cause of orthodox, but solution of Love Marriage is based on Astrology, Astrology is ancient way to make all things possible and hassle free, bring happiness, peaceful in people life. Generally love marriage bring variety of problems in couple life like social problems, familial disapproval, inter caste and religion issues, if one party is agree to get marry then another don’t want so these are some issues because of that couple faces issues to get love marriage with their beloved, but now love marriage astrology is great and wonderful way to resolve that kind of issues in short period of time and make a wonderful life of couple to get love marriage to each other.

Our Pandit shree Avdesh shastri ji is one of such extensively experienced and have great and deeper command on astrological, he is fame in whole worlds cause of his highly successful for resolving issues and problems of people life, whatever it is, inter caste love marriage, inter religion, families disapproval so on.  Those couple who are in love relationship suffering from issues and    crisis then pandit share Avdesh shastri ji will provide appropriate solution of problems, no matter in which corner or country of the world they live in, because his technique of resolving issues is too much spared, powerful and strong to resolve issues in short period of time. There are lots of issues and conflict which is faced by couple to get love marriage, here are some issues are describe.


  • Families and social disapproval:- these are most command issues, which is faced by almost all couple in their life to get love marriage , because every parents want that their child get marry from their likes, whatever it be, it doesn’t matter , people want their same traditional or social background, but that thing is not happen in love marriage, because when people fall in love they never seem cast, and religion of their partner.


  • Different in lifestyle and outlook: – different attitude, social background, hobbies and likes bring distance between couple families; therefore, couple faces issues to get love marriage to each others.


  • Growing attraction and affection towards another person: – when people make a love relationship, both the people make a promise to get marry to each other, but gradually faith and love is fade –up to each other, might be both are unable to spend time together, therefore people start to attraction towards someone else, but in this case still one of the partner want to get marry to his/her partner, but here is thing that how to growing attraction and affection once again toward that partner.


  • Social disturbance to love marriage: – society is one of the biggest issues for love marriage, people live in society therefore they follow their rule and regulation, and society never permits to people to get love marriage in another religion and caste.



  • Lack of harmony between the couple: – overtime of relationship, people feel lack of harmony and affection in relationship therefore they think to get out of relationship, in this case dream of their love marriage remain only dreams, but now these all thing will not happens with couple because our pandit shree avdesh shastri ji help to resolve all kind of problem and provide appropriate result to couple to get love marriage to each other with the help of astrological knowledge and skills.


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