Extramarital Affairs

Marriage is purest relationship in human being life, but today couple gets easily bored from their spouse, therefore they start to looking out of marriage, betrayed to their spouse, But After all how much time their extramarital affairs , when their partner know about this, their marriage go towards downhill, most of time extramarital affairs are cause of separation and downhill.

There are several causes that are root of extra affairs to be in beyond the marriage, like misunderstanding, communication gap, and lack of affection, unfaith and lack of harmony, lack of attraction, lack of fun, and lack of infatuated. There is huge difference reason in every relationship, but here thing is how to deal with extramarital affairs, all people have different likes and dislikes because of that some of people can’t accept the difference of their partner therefore, they irritate from their partner and move out of marriage, there are some certain aspect that are cause of external affairs and sometimes marriage separation and divorce.

  • Mutual understanding: – Mutual understanding is one of the essential things to make marriage optimally works, troubles-free, if couple has good mutual understanding to each other, then they make their marriage perfect, but if they don’t have mutual understanding then both can make their works together, in fact both people suspicions to each other, result of this is external affairs.


  • Affection and harmony: – marriage is optimally works when affection, faith, and harmony is alive in relationship, but once these disappear from relationship then nothing is remain to make marriage relationship perfect works and people start to seek towards someone else, that the reason marriage affairs occur and couple is separated to each other.


  • Make a time together: cause of busy routines couple couldn’t make time for each other, therefore, distance and misconception occur in couple mind, therefore, they start to look towards someone else, gradually faith, harmony and affection is fade away from their relationship.


  • Empathize with one another: – often overtime of marriage relationship empathize and affection is fade away from relationship, therefore couple follow their relationship like a compulsion and infatuated is moved on from their relationship, so keep extramarital affairs away from our marriage and keep affection, faith and empathize in your marriage alive.


  • Focus on marriage: – generally overtime of marriage couple gets busy with their works therefore; they can’t make time for each other, and entangled in their works because of that they can’t focus on marriage and result of this distance is grow up between both the people, faith and affection is fade away from their relation, therefore they strive to move on. So to make marriage hurdle and external affairs free you should focus on your marriage by which neither you will strive to make external affairs nor your spouse.

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