Stop Separation and Divorce


Separation and divorce is one of the most tarrying things in married life, this thing spoil happiness, peace and whole life of couple, but now thing is how to stop separation and divorce, because sometimes, couple unwillingly get separated to each other, so there are our pandit shree Avdesh shastri ji recommend suggestion with astrology and Vashikaran.  Astrology and Vashikaran is ancient way to resolve all type of difficulties and complication of human being life, therefore our pandit shree avdesh shastri ji spend their huge of time to get astrological and Vashikaran deeper knowledge to resolve all issues of people’s life and bring happiness and peace in people life.

Often marriage is go towards separation and divorce might be couple can’t make a time for their partner, because of that conflict and dispute occur in their relationship and resultant as separation and divorce. There are many thing cause of that married life go towards separation, but couple doesn’t notice that thing.

  • Lack of understanding :- generally  relationship is make strong and healthier, if both people  have good understanding, faith and affection to each other, but if they haven’t then, they can’t thing about making a perfect relationship, unwillingly marriage relation will go towards separation and divorce. so to make all thing possible in married life, get back marriage on track, understanding is essential thing, couple should have.
  • Lack of communication: – this is one of crucial thing to make marriage optimally works, when couple have healthier and effective communication to each other then they share all thing, and help to each other, but if they haven’t then they can’t spend their huge of time with them, gradually that thing grow distance between both of them, they strive to conceal things from their partner, gradually that thing take major role in relation. So to preserve marriage from separation and divorce, both people should stay together and keep healthier and effective communication to each other.
  • Make a time together, well its fact, all people get busy with their works, therefore they can’t make time for each other, therefore distance, suspicion and misconception occur in a relationship, gradually that thing impact to married life, so all thing is people should make a time for their partner, no matter how much they are busy with their works, when they will start to make time, gradually misunderstanding will diminish from couple life, their marriage relationship will work optimally.
  • Lack of affection and lack of harmony: – relationship is works, if harmony, affection, infatuated is alive in relationship, but there is only few of couple how are able to keep faith and harmony alive in relationship, rest of people aren’t might be cause of ups/downs or conflict, but whatever a reason of this, couple get separated to each other, so to preserve marriage from separation affection and harmony is essential thing.
  • Abstain from extramarital affairs: – extramarital is one of terrifying thing, which can spoil whole life of people, often people make that mistake because overtime of marriage, excitement, agitated is fade away from relationship therefore they start to look out of marriage, gradually they entangled in that and whenever they realize their mistakes, It becomes too much delay and result of this is couple get separated to each other for forever.

So these are some essential thing that couple should conscious from that thing by which they can preserve their relationship from separation and divorce. Our pandit shree Avdesh shastri ji has highly talented and he is gold medalist in astrological, his name is taken as fame astrologer to sort out problems and difficulties from human being life.


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